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A letter from the CVWA the president

My name is Nuias DePina, originally hail from the Cape Verde Islands, a former Portuguese Colony located off the west coast of Africa. I have been a resident of Saint Helena for over forty years now. I am also a graduate of Saint Helena High school class of 1978. Both of my children have also had the opportunity to grow up in Saint Helena and graduate from the same high school.  

The Cape Verdean West Association began only as a social club, but over the years has evolved and taken a much bigger role in introducing, educating and sharing the rich culture and friendliness of the Cape Verdean people with others. Over the years our association has graciously received visitation from the Cape Verdean Ambassador to the United States as well as the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, two great honors. 

One of the many causes that the association holds dear is the Scholarship Fund they have created. The Scholarship was created to assist children of Cape Verdean descent attending college in the United States. Aside from the Scholarship, we have been able to provide monetary assistance to schools and needy families in Cape Verde on an annual basis as well. In Previous years we have sent both school and medical supplies to the people of Cape Verde. Our mission statement is " Supporting our youngsters’ pursuit of higher education and addressing the needs of those most vulnerable both locally and in Cape Verde" 

This year our association will be holding a Wine Tasting and a Silent Auction on Saturday, July 30th 2016 at the River Pointe Resort 500 Lincoln Ave in Napa Ca 94558. All proceeds from the event are going to benefit the Scholarship Fund and the CVWA's continued efforts to better the lives of all Cape Verdeans near and far. As a longtime resident of Napa Valley I feel compelled to reach out to you, my neighbor, my friends, in asking for your donation to help us with our Scholarship Fund Drive. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly. 

Sincerely yours,

Nuias Gomes Depina
Public Relations 
Cape Verdean West Association

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